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About Us

idreamsilver.com is the brainchild of ACG Systems Sdn Bhd.

"A long, long time ago......", the founder of the company achieved enlightenment upon setting his sights on the "be all and end all" of trilogies (then).........Star Wars! There was no looking back ever since. All merchandise on this website belongs personally to the founder. His collection of collectibles and comics has been expanding by leaps and bounds, as it has been more than a decade since he first started his collection. His love for the Star Wars series is apparent from the number of items showcased on this website.

Over the years, tons of money has been spent on major shopping sprees, all in the pursuit of satisfying our hobby. From the most obscure shop in the Klang Valley to the most unheard of place in Canada, we've patronised them all. Resulting from the shopping experience, we perfectly understand the obstacles faced by Malaysian based collectors. Yup! We're on the same wavelength.

At idreamsilver.com, we have committed ourselves to bringing you only the hottest, most exclusive and limited edition movie collectibles and comics. Our merchandise caters to every budget and need, and because we operate on a "virtual" front, our overheads are lower, thus passing those savings to YOU. Prices are listed in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) and US Dollars (US$).

As we are still at an infancy stage, please feel free to provide us with your views / criticisms and we will be more than happy to oblige by making your future visits more pleasant ones.

Happy Shopping!

Your Friends at idreamsilver.com

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